Table Assignments

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By default, you will automatically be assigned a table by the time you enter the pod (~30 mins before your reservation.) This is the most efficient way to assign tables in order to minimize the times players have to switch tables.

If you wish to select a specific table, you can do so during your checkout process once your selected session is in your cart. There will be a drop-down menu where you can pick the table you like or revert back to “auto”. Please note that selecting premium tables is more expensive than selecting standard tables or “auto”.

If you select “auto” you may be placed on a premium table. In this case you will be charged standard pricing. You will only be charged premium pricing if you select a premium table outright. Our “auto” algorithm is the most customer-friendly and attempts to make sure people don’t have to switch tables in the middle of their reservation. It also places people on premium tables when possible.

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