Replays (BETA)

We currently offer two different types of replays – Quick Replays and Custom Replays. Replays are typically sent within 24 hours from the replay request delivered as unlisted YouTube links and do not contain any audio at this point (soon…).

Quick Replays

Save your favorite rallies between friends and rivals!

How it works:

Save your most exciting rallies during a session at the pod and order any time after. You can also make a note so you don’t forget what happened! Once you’re done you can order all or any of them by pressing “Order Replays”.


Custom Replays

Order custom replays up to 30 days back – Perfect for coaching sessions or match analysis

How it works:

Enter starting time and length of the desired clip (up to 1 hour) as well as the table you played on. You must have been present during the times requested. In other words, you can’t order someone else’s replay. Currently, you can order clips up to 30 days back.


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