Please note that we currently have a wait list for membership. If you would like to join the wait list please sign up here. We are working on creating more capacity for our community. We appreciate your patience.

Remember Members must be present during the entire time of their booking.

Pod Time Perks

  1. Free play during off peak hours for standard pricing
  2. More designated off-peak hours than non-members
  3. Half-price during non-off peak (see for pricing and hours below)
  4. Free cancellations up to 6 hours before reservation (non-members 12 hours)
  5. Booking up to 5 weeks in advance (non-members 3 weeks in advance)
  6. “After COVID”: automatic extended entry to pod before and after reservation in designated area (e.g. Stadium Seating on 42 Allen)

Additional Perks

  1. Locker allocation priority
  2. League sign-up priority
  3. Autonomous robot use in pods without dedicated robot tables 
  4. Free 30 minute lesson with PINGPOD National Coach
  5. 10% off all PINGPOD sold merchandise or events

More perks in the works…


Ping Pod