Ernesto Ebuen

National Level Coach

Coach Ernesto has been coaching for more than a decade and has earned national championships along the way.  Table Tennis has been an integral part of his life and Ernesto is excited to share his experience and expertise with his students.  Coach Ernesto is a goal oriented and motivating coach.

  • Co-Founder of NYCTTA
  • Co-Founder of PINGOD
  • 6x Philippine Champion

Meet Coach Ernesto

Table Tennis is fun and addictive sport, it can help you stay physically and mentally active. My goal is to get people hooked inside the universe of table tennis after a few lessons. I’ll show and teach you the “Ghost Serve” and if you make it after 5 tries you get a free lesson from me.

Favorite Serve?

Hook serve

Favorite Table-Tennis Memory?

Coming to the USA

Outside of pingpod?

Spending time with my family

Ping Pod