Dora Kurimay

National Level Coach

Coach Dora believes in teaching strong fundamentals in a fun and accessible way. She is also a mental performance and life coach helping to develop mental and life skills on and off the table.

Meet Coach Dora

I’m passionate about teaching table tennis because through being involved in the sport I learned about discipline, competition, and resilience. Table tennis or a more casual way to call it ping pong, also opened doors for me to meet friends, travel around the world, and experience other cultures. Playing table tennis provides benefits that strengthen the mind and body, and it is great for overall health and well-being. My mission is to empower people to stay active, create healthy lifestyle habits and mental skills on and off the table.

Favorite Serve?

Short and long backhand sidespin serve

Favorite Table-Tennis Memory?

Winning the Cadet European Table Tennis Championship in teams

Outside of pingpod?

Yoga, running and being in nature



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